Vampires Rock The Bristol Hippodrome!

The Girlie Gossip gang took a road trip to Bristol last night to see ‘Vampires Rock’ at the Hippodrome. Armed with our crosses, garlic and holy water (who are we kidding, these vamps are darn sexy, we didn’t want to scare them off!) we arrived to the show, excited and unsure of quite what to expect. Being Vampires Rock ‘Virgins’ and all, were we going to fit in and just what kind of a show was this going to be?…

The show, created by and starring Steve Steinman, with his unique tongue in cheek humour, sees him play the charismatic and supremely evil, Baron Von Rockula, owner of the Live and Let Die Club. In search of a bride, the Baron must convince his chosen one to agree to eternal immortality, to be his queen and live forever!

Vampires Rock is packed with classic rock songs, ranging from Bon Jovi, Queen, Meatloaf and Bonnie Tyler to ACDC and Cher. It is a real rock fans dream which I guarantee will have you on your feet, dancing the night away no matter what age you are.

Something I quickly realised about Vampires Rock is that it has a fantastic cult, fan following, but we needn’t have worried about feeling out of place, everyone was friendly and the atmosphere was fun (I’d go as far as saying perhaps even the best atmosphere at a live show that I’ve ever seen) and it was nice to see a great mix of people from all age ranges, with Steve interacting with the younger members, making them feel like part of the show.

The show grabs your attention from the start, and whilst I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, what I will say is that you will not be disappointed! There really is something for everyone, it’s not just hard rock, there are power ballads and songs that will have you waving your hands in the air and reaching for your lighters as well as those songs that will have you up on your feet, singing and dancing along with everyone. A personal highlight of mine was the Meatloaf songs as Steve really has these absolutely spot on (not surprisingly seeing as he actually appeared on Stars in their Eyes as Meatloaf back in the early 90’s) they are just fantastic.

The whole cast are energetic, hilarious and highly captivating to watch. The band ‘The Lost Boys’ are seriously sexy and extremely talented musicians as they rock out on stage with guitar, drum and keyboard solos that easily stand their ground against the big numbers and the explosive pyrotechnics.

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There’s great chemistry and a sense of real fun and friendship about them all, and it is great to watch as the female lead Pandora Rosie Box (played by Emily Clark) transforms from geek to sexy vampire, encouraged by Baron Von Rockula, a character that Steve Steinman completely immerses himself in (except for during the occasional audience participation moments which just make the whole thing even funnier)

When the show comes to an end, something we thought was really great was that the cast all take the time to come into the foyer and meet the fans, happily posing for pictures, signing CD’s. You can see my daughter Kayci posing with some of them in the gallery above! In the words of a fellow fan Helen Pearce (check out her awesome Vampires Rock tattoo in the gallery!) who we chatted to after the show “They really do almost make you feel like part of the family” and you see, that’s a big part of why the fans keep coming back for more, because it’s not just a show, it’s a experience and one that we’ll definitely be going back for another tasty bite of  time and time again, because these Vampires really do ROCK!

Chek out our previous article here for tour dates near you or visit the official Vampires Rock site here.

Seen the show? Let us know your thoughts and why not send your fan pics to and we’ll pop them in the gallery above, crediting you.

Photo credits: Helen Pearce. Becky Bowden.

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  1. hey! i was there lat night, my 4th visit to vampires rock and it was as immense as ever! The lost boys get more and more gorgeous every time, especially Henry!!!!
    I have neckache todat from rocking out too hard!!

    Laura xxx

  2. This show is amazing!! I have been 40+ times, travelling all over the country, if I don’t I get withdrawl symptoms lol!! if you like rock, a laugh and great company check out this show!!!

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