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Wall Stickers By Leonora Hammond

With the weather having turned so cold, this month at Girlie Gossip we are looking at homewares and ways to keep your house looking warm and inviting during the colder months. Today we're looking at some exciting wall stickers by Leonora Hammond!

Leonora Hammond’s flair for interior design was her motivation in setting up the company along with her desire to be individual. With an already well-established graphics business run by her husband James, decorative wall stickers offered another creative avenue for an already thriving business.

There are a wide range of fabulous wall stickers to choose from, and their Christmas designs are warm and festive!

We expecially love the varied selection of phrases, inspirational thoughts and wordings and the fantastic colour selection they are available in. We tried out this fab Marilyn Monroe quote Wall Sticker below and were amazed at how easy it was to add to our wall. Simply make sure you start with a clean, dry surface and follow the simple instructions provided!

You can click the link below to visit the shop for yourself and browse the great range of wall stickers and don't forget, they even make personalised stickers for those of you wanting something specific!


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