Who’s napping at work today then? It’s world sleep day.

Today's the day! It's World Sleep Day. Goodnight!

Cheers to another pointless day on the calendar, World Sleep Day. As we all head out to do our normal daily routine we get to celebrate World Sleep Day, a day where we get no more sleep than any other day. The purpose of the day is to “celebrate sleep” apparently so here's a few interesting facts for you, Lets have a little vote and see if you recognise any of these trends..

Let's look at the Nation's Worst Bedtime Habits

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The Top 10 Most Argued About Bed Habits

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Despite experts recommending a relaxing, screen-free environment in the bedroom, addiction to screen time is turning the nation’s beds into a battleground.

New research has revealed that over half the nation (55%) regularly use electronic devices such as smartphones in bed and 15% admit it’s their worst bed habit.

Not only are smartphones leading to a poor night’s sleep, but they are causing arguments, pushing many couples to sleep separately, or even leading to divorce, the survey of 2,000 Brits by the world’s first personalised pillow, nanu, revealed.

Happy World Sleep Day, If you fancy a nap on the desk today then at least you have an excuse.

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