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We are giving 2 Lucky Girlie Gossip Members the chance to win a years supply of Jergens® Naturals™ products! All you have to do, to be in with a chance of winning is leave us a comment below telling us what your perfect Mothers Day would be.

Easy! So get commenting below, winners will be chosen at random and the competition closes April 10th 2009 Good Luck!

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  • chr1sbean says:

    It would be lovely if the kids could make it so that this glorious sunshine stays for the rest of the year, but I suppose I’d best be a bit more realistic!

    Being take out for a cream tea for lunch by the seaside would be lovely idea!

  • Alyshia says:

    a nice night in with a film and bottle of wine :)

  • cambop says:

    My perfect Mothers Day would be to have the chance to see my Mum just one more time. People fib – these sort of days don’t get easier with time.

  • kiki_725 says:

    i would like to give my mum a perfect mothers day by cleaning the house top to bottom as a suprise.

    But as i’m not superwoman so i may treat her to a meal out instead

  • bev71 says:

    Anything – so long as it’s quiet and doesn’t involve lots of mess for me to clean up!

  • andie-g says:

    i would like my husband to make our sunday dinner , tidy up, do the washing, ironining, and get the kids the kids uniforms ready for school.oh, and run to the shop for a sunday paper.
    i would just like to lounge around all day in my pjs watching films, and have somepeace and quiet- some me time.(heaven)

  • sonnie says:

    If I had the money i would jet set her off to paris for a shopping trip

  • pepto123 says:

    I would love to cook for my mum and then take her to the theatre.

  • josie301 says:

    For my perfect mothers day the hole family would go out and have a fun family day somewhere followed by a lovely meal out (so i don’t have to do the dishes lol)

  • Midastouch says:

    My perfect mother’s day would be for my 16 week old baby to sleep through the night. Now, that would be bliss!!!

  • mpad6869 says:

    The remote, Pyjamas and a big tub of Hagen Das

  • RuthMarianna says:

    just to have all mychildren with me on that day is gift enough

  • emmacella says:

    My perfect Mothers Day would be to have the chance to see my nan just one more time i miss her so much and have so much to tell her

  • aesop30 says:

    My perfect mothers day would be

    being allowed to rest my sleepy head
    followed by breakfast in bed

  • kitchensunk says:

    A day with my girls, sunshine and chocolate. :)

  • relisys222 says:

    A day all for myself would be bliss

  • jobster says:

    As long as I am with my Mum, I could be anywhere doing anything. It is the one day of the Year I spil her absolutely, stinkingly rotten! So girlie pampering, long lazy lunch with bubbles, a girlie flick cuddled up on the sofa, and lots of naughty and decadent nibbly treats!

  • whitestar says:

    Id like to have a girly day at a health spa, just me and my mum who I cherish so much.

  • deeblythe says:

    My perfect Mothers day, is a family meal, and lots of chat and catching up with Sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, neices and nephews because we all have Mothers which make it a really special day.

  • today says:

    relaxing in front of the telly with a good bottle of wine

  • dmon says:

    it would be nice to be holed up somewhere with no chance of being disturbed. i’d then opt for a full body massage and have a glass of my favourite tipple waiting on the side for me. i’d then like a long love-making session to complete my sensuous day to leave me truly feeling like a yummy mummy…

  • Cherryl says:

    Actually, I would love to spend Mother’s Day planting seed potatoes on our newly aquired allotment! It would be nice if this followed breakfast in bed, made by my children, of course.

  • serves1 says:

    I lost my mum 5 years ago & no children of my own. But i think mothers days is a wonderful time for us all to say thank you for all the things mums do without thought they do these tasks day in & day out.
    Well done to all those mums out there

  • ikoo says:

    i will be having my perfect mothers day by not seeing my mother at all and therefore, keeping my self esteem nice and high

  • headsy12 says:

    My wish would be to see one of my four sons on Mothers day but they are going to their Mother-in-laws yet again this year. I will see them a couple of days or so before Mothers Day but it is not the same. Mind it is exactly what my husband used to do every year but funnily enough I never thought about it.

  • forrest27 says:


  • whomovedmychocolate says:

    Mothers day is a state of mind. Every day I am grateful for my kids and I know they are grateful for me. We spent many years trying to have babies and my mothers day treat is waking up knowing I have two loving children that I never expected to have and seeing them smile at me across the breakfast table (before pitching their food on the floor but that’s toddlers for you!)

  • chris2 says:

    l would love to make my mother a queen for the day,

  • silviam says:

    An indulgent and luxurious spa day!

  • saranna says:

    I would love a suprise picnic in the park.

  • bundle says:

    I would love to take my mum on holiday, she has not been since I was 10…I am 31 now

  • cath000 says:

    a long lie – in xx

  • anniegad says:

    to spend the whole day with my three girls and, and to be able to see my own mum one more time and introduce my three daughters to her, and for my mum to give me a cuddle, she died when I was 15 and I still miss her, I am now in my sixties, many the times I have cried for her during my live, If you still have a mum tell her you love her, for one day she wont be there.

  • JTA says:

    A big roast dinner

  • ali991 says:

    I would love to go see my mum. I have not seen her since Christmas and am not sure when I will be able to afford to go and see her again

  • biljobay says:

    a night out up the west end to see jersey boys

  • onions1 says:

    Not having to go to work, I usually book Mothers Day off to spend it with my kids but ran out of holidays this year, Boo Hoo!

  • Dee140157 says:

    One with all my kids home together.

  • columbine75 says:

    I’m not a mum – but I’d love to spend Mother’s day with my mum and cook her a lovely dinner and then go for a nice walk along the sea front and tell her how much I love her.

  • sadiewoohoo says:

    A nice breakfast in bed with a few heartfelt pressies (homemade is fine lol), a light lunch made for me then a nice movie of my choice (ie nothing to do with robot cartoon men or drama school kids).Then get glammed up for a nice slap up meal foloowed by a nice bottle of wine. Lovely.

  • loulou says:

    a day at a spa with my mum

  • crysta says:

    I would love to have a nice bottle of Southern Comfort. so much nicer than a bottle of win and it does not upset my stomach like wine does.
    Happy Mothers day everyone.

  • velvetbird says:

    If I could afford it I’d buy my mum a train ticket to come up and see me, we always have a good time when we go out together. She’s pretty cool.

  • Patterry says:

    That my mum was still alive, so that I could celebrate Mothers Day with her

  • monkeybaby says:

    i would love to treat my mum to a day with me and my sister for coffee and cakes as we dont get to spend much time together all three of us

  • melanieclare2002 says:

    Wine, a DVD and chocolates!

  • krnries says:

    I’d just like the kids not to be arguing all day!!!

  • castleton says:

    To spend the day with my family including my 5 week old grandaughter.

  • daisyduck says:

    Like one of your previous posters, even after 35 years , Mothers Day is not easy for me. I would love to see my Mum again, she died while I was still a child.

  • swanlady2000 says:

    Just had my perfect Mothers day –

    breakfast in bed,
    chocolates, flowers and wine for pressies,
    taken out for lunch,
    then a movie of my choice.

    All in the company of my 3 gorgeous sons and hubby of 20 years.

  • mike1066 says:

    Getting woken up in the morning with a nice cup of coffee, and the kids already dressed and fed was great, unfortunately the rest of the day was not so good as my youngest had a stomach bug and I spent allot of the day scrubbing the floor…..

  • minimonkeychow says:

    breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed with a good book or dvd!

  • ejminx says:

    A lie in followed by a hearty cooked breakfast before heading out somewhere outdoors like the woods or the beach for some fresh air. Fish and Chips by the sea and then cuddling up for a family movie in the evening.

  • kimmy393 says:

    My perfect mothers day would be to have a day without arguments within my house. Where for just one day my daughters tried to get on; so we could spent a pleasent girlie day out together.

  • jan1972 says:

    Breakfast in bed, followed by a day off!!

  • sarahforan says:

    My perfect mothers day would start with a lie in and then breakfast in bed.I would then like to have dinner cooked for me and not to do the washing up.I would then simply like to cuddle up on the couch with my children and watch a dvd eating some lovey choccies.

  • xclairelouise says:

    My perfect mothers day would involve the whole family eating together for the first time in years and spending time talking to each other about something other than who has to do the washing up! It would also preferably involve some kind of chocolate ;)

  • africalass says:

    I’d love a full night’s sleep, brekkie in bed, house magically cleaned and some time to do crafts with the kids. Of course if a beauty therapist appeared to do a manicure, pedicure and a full body massage there would be no complaints.

  • rachelmccraith says:

    My mum wants a caravan at a holiday park so we can stay at the beach whenever we want, so I’d love to be able to afford one and surprise her on mothers day next year

  • cactusjo says:

    My Mothers day was perfect : beautiful, funny, thoughtful hand made cards from the kids, a bunch of gorgeous flowers: Roses, Lilies and Chrysanthemums and painting the garage door an exquisite colour whilst listening to the Fleet Foxes…….life’s good! :-)

  • Dawn01 says:

    Feet up, mug of tea, box of chocolates to hand and partner in the kitchen making the Sunday roast

  • Jaz246t says:

    To have breakfast in bed and a housework free day

  • bacsa says:

    A quiet evening in, with the family spending some quality time together.

  • rachelstevens says:

    a long slow massage

  • seligkram says:

    To give my Mum a Sunday Lunch out.

  • amy12345678 says:

    We had the perfect Mothers Day, food, pressies, great company. What more could you ask for

  • jochrisbryan says:

    A walk on the beach a picnic with my family and curling up together with a dvd in the evening

  • Donnylover says:

    I only work one day a week – Sunday! By the time March comes around I have always run out of holidays so I always end up working! So the perfect Mothers day would be a day off (and lunch would be nice as well!)

  • dippylou1 says:

    A day all for myself

  • FUDGE007 says:

    relaxing in bed with a years supply of choclates.

  • IKKLE87 says:

    Mine would be to take my mum and my nan to a gorgeous spa where we could be pampered and spend some quality time together on a girly weekend.

  • Lilpickle08 says:

    A sunny day, a lie in followed by breakfast in bed, flowers, my little girl being a delight all day and finally a slap up meal, just my husband and I and no distractions!
    I can dream eh?!



  • poodle1977 says:

    My perfect Mother’s Day would be to get the kids back for all the unneccesary work I’ve had to do throughout the year.

    Firstly I would make one of them hoover and while they were doing it, I would drop sweet wrappers everywhere.
    Secondly, I would get them to spend ages cooking a nice meal and then I’d leave it all saying that ‘I don’t like it’ (even though I ate it last week).
    Thirdly, I would take them to Alton Towers and make them stand there like a statue holding a big pile of coats while I go on all the rides WHEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

    Actually, I think I need more than a day because the list could go on and on.

    Ah, stuff it, a box of choccies will do (for now;))

  • debgan says:

    My pefect Mother’s Day would be a walk along the coast road to the Beach and then enjoying a pub lunch watching the waves roll in.

  • roubles says:

    A double gin and tonic and a big bowl of crisps plus her fabourite film on the tv.

  • reniannen says:

    My perfect mothers day would be not having to lift a finger around the house! And some chocolates would be nice too :)

  • twirlywhirly says:

    My perfect mother days would be to spend it with my children watching TV,playing games and relaxing,Hopefully I can twist their arm for a nice cuppa,But really just having them with me on mothers day is good enough for me.

  • ribbles says:

    My perfect mothers day would be to do something amazing with the kids, swimming with dolphins or diving in the great barrier reef!

  • linasi says:

    A quiet morning with breakfast in bed…followed by an afternoon of trampolining, crafting, moviewatching fun with the kids

  • dizilizi says:

    Spending the day with my Mum who has had spine surgery recently and is still recovering. Would love to spend the day shopping and making my Mum a meal that she really enjoys

  • katrinao says:

    pyjama day! they are great with the kids

  • sheridarby says:

    My perfect mother’s day would be just to spend a peaceful day at home with my family – with lots of chocolates of course

  • cheekychicken24 says:

    As long as the whole family is together, it makes no difference whether we eat in, or eat out, whether we have a day out or a day in – it’s all about family time!!

  • jaizko says:

    My son and daughter turning up and doing my garden for me.

  • H.Andrews says:

    the kids calling a truce for the day, no bickering or arguing, and helping with the housework”!

  • alexlukeshelby says:

    a perfect mothers day would be getting up late, then taking my two sons out for the day.

  • yummymummy85 says:

    I would spend the whole day laughing, smiling, chatting and having fun with the kiddies,

    They are too young to buy me anything or do anything for me, but making good memories for when they have grown is all that counts.

  • michellerob says:

    Hmmm, mine would be a day spent in my dressing gown, getting up really late to and watching some trash tv. The children would have tidied their rooms (entering fantasy realm now) and husband would have removed wet towels from floor and dirty socks from bathroom. Then, a bottle of champagne just for me, with copious amounts of chocolate and strawberries. I would then be presented with a box of Mac cosmetics, before being ushered into my newly decorated dressing room for a massage, manicure, pedicure and facial. My husband would then announce that the newly installed jacuzzi was at the prefect tempartaure for a dip. The day would be rounded off with the arrival of a personal chef to knock up a lobster feast for one (alright, I might have to share that bit). And so to bed with a selection of trash mags…….

  • justine11 says:

    Breakfast in bed brought by my son and daughter

  • lisaell says:

    I would love to have my mum here to spoil and tell her how much i love her as i never told her when she was alive, she died 10 years ago now and the pain is still raw.

  • moogiegirl says:

    My perfect Mothers day would be getting to have a bath without someone wanting me, or wishing to use the toilet!

  • beckslayer says:

    Just to have a nice chilled out day with mum, having the time to sit back chat and laugh together, a good laugh and a bit of quality time beats any gift, of course i would take her a nice pampering treat as she deserves it

  • cathyj says:

    a day with my family, no arguments, no stroppy kids, just fun

  • jucook says:

    My perfect mother’s day would be my hubby bringing me breakfast in bed, then having a relaxing bath with a (small!) glass of champagne, with complimentary strawberry!! Then go to a spa and be pampered, followed by hubby cooking me a meal.

    This is all fantasy, of course ;)

  • pennwood says:

    Perfect Mother’s Day would be a Girly Gossip with Grandma, Mum and me, followed by a lovely family day with all the family. It would not matter where, just the opportunity to be altogether on a special day. Life is sooooooooo short!

  • Gillian0783 says:

    My perfect Mother’s Day – being a perfect Mother!

  • dragonfly63 says:

    To have a phone call from both my grown up kids is enough.

  • nrmsp104 says:

    A day at Longleat Center Parcs World of Spa, with lunch at the Pancake House.

  • xenebean says:

    My perfect mothers day would be EXACTLY the same as every other day five happy, lovely smiley children and a lovely thoughtful caring husband, they’re not perfect but I love them all the same.

    Oh and a cup of tea in bed would be a bonus!!

  • girlieaskme says:

    I’d love a day at the seaside with my Mum – preferably with a little sunshine, but that’s not essential. Paddling in the sea, ice creams, poking around in rock pools, fish and chips for lunch, a ride on the dodgems and a stick of rock to take home. She’s 86 and it would bring back such wonderful memories of childhood seaside holidays.

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