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Welcome back Gossip lovers… You know you love it!

Gossip Girl: Complete Season Two out on DVD 28th September 2009

Sex, lies and scandal come crashing back as the Gossip Girl: Complete Season 2 box set becomes available to buy for the first time on DVD on 28th September.

Gossip never takes a vacation and after an eventful summer break there is a lot to catch up on with all of our favourite New Yorkers…. Sexier, bitchier and even more scandalous than before (can that even be possible?!), you’d be crazy to miss it. And now you can own the entire second series and relive the scheming, smoozing and back-stabbing time and time again!

The start of the second season sees the end of summer break and it’s time to jump aboard those private planes and head back to Manhattan for the Upper East Side elite. But after spending the holidays apart just what did our favourite beautiful people get up to, and more to the point, who did they get up to it with?  You can be sure to rely on Gossip Girl to fill in all the juicy details…..

As the season progresses the final school year draws to a close for the beautiful group at Constance and St. Judes and it’s certainly been an eventful year.  From high school drop-outs to the distant jingle of wedding bells on the horizon, the jury is still out with Serena and Dan, Chuck and Blair, and Nate and Vanessa – are they? Aren’t they? If you can’t keep up, don’t worry – Gossip Girl will bring you up to speed!

See the shocking shenanigans unfold in Gossip Girl: Complete Season 2 out on DVD from 28th September 2009…You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Gossip Girl


To be in with a chance of winning simply leave us a comment below telling us your favourite celebrity gossip story from this weeks papers/gossip columns. Good luck!


  • fancynancy says:

    Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart caught at it in a changing room — ooh er

  • sezz35 says:

    Katy Perry and Russell Brand? Don’t do it Katy!!

  • ikoo says:

    I am loving the story about russell brand and katy perry especially as brand has said he thinks he is falling in love with her, it would be luscious if she broke his heart and gave him a taste of his own sleazy medicine. It might make hime a better person

  • kathcake says:

    Heidi Montag didn’t attend her sisters party as she wasn’t getting paid for the privilege! Clearly money means more to her then family.

  • FUDGE007 says:

    Katy Perry and Russell Brand

  • girlyougotstyle says:

    Best friend of Katie Price, Michelle Clack, tells all about the ‘real’ Katie and how she tormented Pete for the duration of their marriage and hated the thought of him being more successful than she was – shocking!!

  • staceyshoes says:

    Its gotta be Katie Prices fella dressing up as a woman (especially as she’s looking more & more like a bit of a tranvestite nowadays)

  • Cricketfan says:

    Alexandra Burke’s brother claiming that his sister would be at his party so decided to sell tickets on twitter for it even though she wasn’t going, very funny.

  • karmaperle says:

    Natalie Cassidy and Dean Gaffney – really?

  • Stickybubbles28 says:

    The best MUST be Peter Andre saying he is replacing sex with chocolate! Chocolate is way better than Jordan any day of the week. At least the chocolate doesn’t have more surgery on its boobs. Get a life Jordan and well done Peter!!

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