Win Moxie Products Worth £45! GG Summer Giveaway!

Up for grabs in the next part of our Great Summer Giveaway is this amazing £45 giveaway from Moxie which contains 12 months supply of tampons and 12 months supply of sleepover pads, all of which come in lovely girly packaging which we thought you’d love!

All you have to do to enter this one is be registered at the Girlie Gossip forums (You will need a seperate ID from you main homepage login remember! So register on the forum today if you haven’t already!) and leave a comment in the post located here: telling us your favourite way to chill out when ‘that time of the month’ gets you feeling stressed and down! One winner will be picked at random from all comments received in that thread.

Good luck! Competition closes August 2nd 2009 so get commenting!

When you’re bloated, have got cramps and have just gorged a family block of chocolate, it’s period hell. Now, we’re not pretending we can make it better, but we can bring a touch of glam to your worst days…

Introducing Moxie, a brand new range of gorgeous and girly feminine hygiene products from Australia. Think beauty mixed with fashion and you’ve got Moxie; a range of products that delivers classic femininity, style,convenience and excellent quality all in one. Moxie’s aim is to combat those issues that have annoyed women for ages – things like those cheap and flimsy packs that break open in your bag, causing tampons and towels to spill into (or out of!) your handbag.

Moxie has arrived in the UK to bring a touch of fabulousness to that most often dreaded ‘time of the month’. With a range of tampons, towels and panty liners, Moxie has a product to suit your needs, every day of the month. Complete with 100% recyclable or reusable tins and 1930’s-esque, candy-striped ‘boudoir boxes’ that are colour-coded by absorption, Moxie is the perfect necessity for every dressing table and handbag.


Tampons: available in Regular and Super, each packet comes with two 100% recyclable purse-worthy tins (with 8 tampons in each) which will keep your tampons in pristine, ready to use condition. The tampons have handy features like a Silken GlazeTM smooth coating and twist open wrappers. Refill packs of 32 Tampons are also available, so you can do your bit by re-using your tin!

Pads: Finally, there is no need to keep our pads hidden in the bottom drawer anymore! With ‘Slender’ daytime pads (12 pack) and ‘Sleepovers’ overnight pads (10 pack) Moxie have delivered products with comfort, extra absorption and breathability in mind.

And, in signature Moxie style, Slenders and Sleepovers pads come in gorgeous candy striped boudoir boxes with real black bows – so gorgeous for your bedroom or bathroom shelf!

Scanty Panty Liners: for everyday use between periods, Moxie Scanty Panty Liners are designed to keep you feeling fresh and confident under your clothes. With two purse-worthy tin compacts per pack (12 liners in each), these everyday liners are so thin you won’t even feel you’re wearing them.

Moxie products are very real about what they can do for women: and that is, making them feel their best and a teeny bit spoilt, even when they’re probably feeling their worst! So have a beautiful day in hell and spoil yourself with Moxie.



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