THE SECRET OF MOONACRE: Out on Blu-ray and DVD on 20th July 2009

Prepare to escape to the enchanting world of Moonacre valley in THE SECRET OF MOONACRE, out on Blu-ray and DVD on 20th July 2009, courtesy of Warner Home Video.  Adapted from the children’s classic The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge, one J.K. Rowlings all-time favourite books and a key inspiration for her Harry Potter series, THE SECRET OF MOONACRE is the ultimate fairy tale crammed with magic and adventure.  Starring alongside the hugely talented Dakota Blue Richards (The Golden Compass) is a rather stellar line-up of top notch British talent including Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic Four), Natascha McElhone (The Truman Show), Juliet Stevenson (Bend it Like Beckham) and Tim Curry (Home Alone 2: Lost in New York).

Every part of THE SECRET OF MOONACRE is a tribute to the classic fairy story and if you have ever dreamed of becoming the traditional princess of a mystical kingdom then this is the film for you.  Shot in picturesque Hungary and directed by Gabor Csupo (Bridge to Terrabhia), THE SECRET OF MOONACRE is crammed with exciting adventures in a world far, far away with visual effects that bring the original book to life, thus enriching a story paying tribute to the traditional “once upon a time” narrative.

THE SECRET OF MOONACRE follows the quest of Maria Merryweather (Dakota Blue Richards), a 13-year-old orphan whose sole inheritance from her father is a mystical book which chronicles an age-old rivalry between the Merryweather and De Noir families over a set of magical pearls.  Sent away to Moonacre manor to live with her uncle Sir Benjamin (Ioan Gruffudd) and her guardian Miss Heliotrope (Juliet Stevenson), Maria enters a mysterious world and uncovers a dark truth that an ancient curse has nourished a feud over the valley for centuries.  She discovers that she is the last Moon Princess and has until the next full moon to undo the curse thus ending the conflict between the two families and preventing Moonacre from being destroyed for good.  Aided by a stable of wonderful characters and fantastical beasts, Maria sets out on her biggest challenge yet, to bring peace to this magical world so everyone can live “happily ever after”.  But will good conquer over all?

THE SECRET OF MOONACRE is the ultimate fantasy film for young girls everywhere!

We have x3 copies of this fab DVD up for grabs to lucky Girlie Gossip members. All you have to do, to be in with a chance of winning one is leave us a comment below telling us what your favourite fairytale story or movie is and why. Winners will be picked at random from all comments received on or after August 1st 2009.

Good luck!


  • moggie228 says:

    I ove red riding hood, kind dark and gothic

  • Cassieopea says:

    Stardust, because us bigger girls can watch with the little ones and laugh along!!

  • Winniepetal says:

    Enchanted, as it’s a good mix of a modern style, but with a traditional fairtytale story!

  • mordicaie says:

    I like Peter Pan because Neverland is such a magical place.

  • ikoo says:

    I think that the film pretty woman is a pretty good fairytale. Love conquers all, dreams can come true

  • feefeegabor says:

    I love Ever After – it’s a great mix of love story, comedy and drama.

  • cillastubbs says:

    Cinderella, reall rags to riches story

  • jessegeller says:

    The Princess Bride is my favourite fairytale movie. A classic in my family!

  • sexygirl says:

    i love Beauty and The Beast – great story, great songs and great humour, what more could you ask for!

  • m2clark says:

    Peter Pan because Neverland is a child dream place

  • trampus says:

    Sleeping beauty – what we’d all give for a chance to have a nap for 100 years!

  • jaxom72 says:

    lord of the rings trilogy obviously

  • sezz35 says:

    Shrek, because its funny and its for all.

  • Isis1981uk says:

    The Princess Bride – so funny & so romantic. A classic.

  • maisietoo says:

    Cinderella – Love the cat!

  • jaizko says:

    I love the film Labyrinth……..mostly because Hoggle is adorable.

  • Dawn01 says:

    The Princess Bride!!! Because it’s a work of genius!

  • Tealady says:

    Beauty and The Beast….. because beauty really is only skin-deep and true beauty comes from within whatever the person looks like on the outside. x

  • JudeVFR400 says:

    I loved reading the Goose Girl to my daughter, but not the Brothers Grimm version where the bad serving girl who has pretended to be the princess is dragged through the streets in a nail lined barrel. I’m not sure why I liked the story so much, the princess is a bit wet really. Maybe it’s the lovely pictures of geese.

    I would love to win the Secret of Moonacre, I’ve not seen the film, and The Little White Horse was one of my favourite books when I was young. I am very interested to see what they’ve done with it.

  • flumpypup says:

    Cinderella, it’s the original story of rags to riches that we all dream of!

  • jmk4646 says:

    The Chronicles Of Narnia – The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe
    I read this when I was about 11 so many times the pages fell out of the book.
    The films are not as good & were a bit of a dissapointment tho the effects were brilliant

  • hughese says:

    Cinderella – taken from cruelty and poverty to a palace and luxury

  • africalass says:

    Sydney White – is a modern classic twist of a fairy tale – lots of fun

  • aesop30 says:

    Hansel and Gretel

    I liked gingerbread as a kid and to hear a story where there was a house made of gingerbread was shear heaven!

  • rachelmccraith says:

    Peter Pan!

  • sloan says:

    The Ugly Duckling – bcause it reminds me that there is still hope for all of us.

  • catowen says:

    We love Shrek, no matter how many times we see it, it always makes us laugh!

  • debgan says:

    Cinderella – she got her prince in the end!

  • stephmcuk says:

    My favourite is labyrinth, i love that story and the characters

  • Lsfun84 says:

    Shrek!!! definetly. Makes you laugh, smile and cry. Perfect combination

  • Tulip2uk says:

    I like Cindrella because she is very kind and gets on with her work but I dont like her stepmother because she is so nasty to her and only wants what is best for her daughters who are the Ugly Sisters.

  • sannybump says:

    It has to be Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, after looking after
    7 men, she deserved her handsome Prince

  • MunchKim says:

    It has to be Cinderella for me as well, it’s a lovely story full of hope that doing the right thing and being nice in the face of adversity will get you through in the end. But, most especially, it’s because I always dreamed of finding a Prince of my own and leaving the life I had behind me, and now I’ve been so very lucky and have found him!

  • joanne_old says:

    Labrynth is my favourtie, magical and heartwarming

  • piperty says:

    Cinderella – have always loved shoes he he!

  • says:

    My favourite movie is Labyrinth – I just love the Henson puppets they are brilliant. Although I am not a David Bowie fan I also love the music as it all fits together. My children are even addicted to it as well!

  • sdio says:

    Edward Scissorhands would be my all time favourite fairytale movie, it never fails to make me cry at the end were Kim (Winona Ryder) is dancing in the snow, it’s so romantic and the music makes it even more magical!

  • baggycat says:

    Cinderella sing sweet nightingale a a a a a.
    Don’t you just love the part where she scrubs the floor and bubbles float away as does the terrible sounds coming from step sisters Anastasia and Drussila

  • mhos says:

    Sadly I keep going back to Pretty Woman.
    It’s funny, romantic, the soundtrack is great…..

  • Cezzz says:

    Fantasia – stunning animation and mesmerising music !

  • blackmidnight says:

    Cinderella – it has a nice happy ending for her

  • Midastouch says:

    Rapunzel, Rapunzel Let down your hair. I use to daydream about my prince carrying me away on his white horse. I met hubby and he’s a prince (no white horse though) lol

  • josie301 says:

    neverending story – it’s just magical!

  • laghreid says:

    I love shrek….
    Think my husband could win the real life shrek!

  • ali991 says:

    The Little Mermaid -a very sad tale

  • paulineppp says:

    I love Hansel and Gretel, it used to scare me to death as a child, but i just had a fascination with the sweetie house !!

  • columbine75 says:

    Cinderella – every time, it’s so romantic

  • SusieC says:

    Lord of the Rings Trilogy – because it has everything. Elves, hobbits and a handsome prince!

  • webkin says:

    Cinderella…..lovely romantic story

  • ricci900 says:

    the Magic fareaway Tree….so magical and out of this world!!

  • melanieclare2002 says:

    Stardust…. Exciting, funny, romantic and magical, everything a fairytale should be!

  • missgjohnson says:

    Mulan… she is beautiful and standing up for what she believes in

  • julie62 says:

    The Ugly Duckling. I remember hearing it for the 1st time as a little kid, and I was so upset for the little duckling – then so surprised and happy when he turned into a swan.

  • NickyP says:

    Lord of the Rings – it is just so epic

  • carlynd says:

    Pans Labyrinth! A completely different spin on fairy tales

  • straysuzi says:

    Sleeping Beauty as it was the scariest film i saw when i was younger and i thought the idea of taming the wildlife fantastic and this has influenced me to be as green as i am and take the wildlife photos i do now as a hobby.

  • mardoneth says:

    I like Rodgers & Hammersteins Cinderella

  • jgcj says:

    Pretty Woman – a modern day Cinderella story. :)

  • lightfran says:

    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

    I like it because I can relate to it. Injust treatment by an older women, (what feels like) a whole battalion of men expecting one woman to clean up after them, care for them, make sure they are in the right place at the right time and a pokey little house in the middle of nowhere. Welcome to my world!!

    Fran x

  • chr1sbean says:

    Hansel and Gretel has got to be my favourite as there are many lessons you can learn from that story!! So if ever a witch wants to fatten me up and eat me I know exactly what to do!! ;o)

  • helenlp says:

    Peter Pan – because who doesn’t want to never grow up but to play cowboys and indians, pirates, fairies and mermaids all day long?

  • LOWIE131 says:

    I love The Never Ending Story. A film of good winning over evil and a little boy gettng his own back on bullies.

  • haddocka says:

    I love peter pan, a good story with scary bits a great combination

  • haddockv says:

    Enchanted a traditional story with a modern update

  • Peta says:

    The Slipper and The Rose!

    It was my favourite film as a child and my Mum used to come downstairs and find me watching it on (recorded off the TV!) video most weekend mornings, I watched it over and over again, and I still love to watch it now!

    I used to dream that Richard Chamberlain could have been my Prince Charming.

  • toniq says:

    Mine is a quirky one, it’s Pretty in pink
    never since has the story been told with such hunky brat pack actors!!!

  • katrinao says:

    The Princess Bride as it’s inconceivable!

    If you haven’t watched it you won’t get that one!

  • dollybabe1983 says:

    Labyrinth- as it’s got it all~excitement~wonder~awe~captivation~and longevity

  • samanthaellarose says:

    It has to be for me Lord of the rings, the fellowship of the ring being my favourite. It is the most magical film I’ve ever seen and drawed me in so quickly. One of the greatest films made. The chracters were so well acted and the scenery was beautiful. It made want to go horse riding in New Zealand!

  • justine11 says:

    Cinderella you just can’t beat it!

  • Gilla01 says:

    I like Labyrinth. It has a bit of everything.

  • lalaland says:

    My favourite fairytale movie is ever after with drew barrymore, a beautiful interpretation of the cinderella story :)

  • stephen55 says:

    my favourite fairy tale story, is the last budget by the labour party
    because we are supposed to live happily
    ever after ,

  • leovectorprime says:

    My favourite fairytale is Peter Pan. It is suitable for girls and boys and has a happy ending

  • JSP says:

    Cinderella – Happily ever after is alway a good ending

  • jayz268 says:

    My favourite is Rumplestiltskin, because it is full of intrigue, but also dynamic and good fun, as well as being totally different to the usual ‘princess’ fairy stories.

  • polly321 says:

    Has to be Cinderella………….One day MY Prince will come!!!

  • RhiBailey says:

    The Princess Diaries – geek turns into beautiful Princess AND gets the fit muso guy – what’s not to like? Plus, who doesn’t love Hector Elizondo in a fairy godfather role?

  • planelazy says:

    Cinderella – it reminds me of all the times me and my brother sat wtching it – ust have driven my mum insane

  • poodle1977 says:

    I like Cinderella best of all :)

  • twirlywhirly says:

    My favorite Fairytale story is Cinderella,Because it’s so unreal yet so beautiful and so romantic.
    I hope one day a Prince finnds me!

  • bonosfly says:

    Neverending Story is my favourite. It is fantastic on so many levels. I never get tired of watching it.

  • spacebabe103 says:

    Enchanted is the best coz it brings out my inner princess!

  • superhez says:

    It has to be Beauty and the Beast, just shoes how much looks matter to us but what is really important is underneath.

  • ravenmoon3 says:

    Apocalypse now,for its realism

  • dagsy says:

    I think that the film pretty woman is a pretty good fairytale. Love conquers all, dreams can come true

  • Kerry01 says:

    For me Shrek is my favourite, it is funny and Princess Fiona is not your typical Princess and she doesn’t fall for your average Prince. Although, Donkey steals the movie – he’s hilarious!

  • lalamb says:

    Beauty & The Beast – Brilliantly romantic

  • moogiegirl says:

    My fav is Beauty and the Beast. Still waiting for a beast to come and rescue me.

  • natz101 says:

    It has to be Cinderella – the original ‘girl done good’!! :)

  • dolphin2011 says:

    My favourite classic has to be Pretty in Pink – Andrew McCarthy, thought he was so hot back then :-/ But of the modern day Shrek and Ella Enchanted, love watching these with the kids.

  • infinite says:

    My favourite is Tinkerbell – I just love fairies.

  • sweetiepie82 says:

    Alice in wonderland cos it was so surreal and really captured my imagination as a kid, I always wanted to be Alice xx

  • IKKLE87 says:

    For me its A Cinderella Story – all the happy ever after of cinderella but with a modern twist.

  • FUDGE007 says:

    cinderella a happy ending

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