Your Weekly ‘ The City ‘ Update!


This week’s episode of The City was Drama with a capital D. When Allie runs into Catarina, the kissee in question from Adam’s recent infidelity, at an art opening, there are confessions and tears galore. With Allie distraught that the rumours have been confirmed, Adam is left simply confused. A heart to heart with Jay leads them to the conclusion that Whitney, Allie and Co. are just anti-man. Sure Ad-Jay, the girls just have it in for you. Or maybe they’re just not down with lying and cheating. Just a thought…

When Whitney tries to engage Olivia in a bit of work-place gossip over the whole affair, Tribeca’s bitchiest doesn’t beat around the bush in telling Whitney that quite frankly, she doesn’t care. ‘You’re 23 Whitney, this isn’t high school’ she goads; through a dentally enhanced smile, mind. Clearly she does care however, as demonstrated when her and loafer-cousin Nevan sit cackling like witches as Olivia recounts the drama of the art show. ‘We’re, like, so much cooler than those Lower-East Side kids, in their hats’. Pft, hats, what kind of loser wears a hat?

In other news this week, Whitney and art shows are not a good mix. During an explanation of one of the pieces, Whitney manages to take the glazed and distant expression to new levels. To be honest we don’t really care why the guy is ‘inspired’ either when we have Whitney’s rather delightful ensemble to look upon. Her billowy mini-dress and gold headband, that would make Bat for Lashes proud, demonstrate levels of boho-luxe that are genuinely applaudable.

If you too are looking to disguise a bit of vacuous disinterest with some bo-ho bling, feast your eyes on these:

A horizontal headband worn over long, cascading waves is so bo-ho it hurts. This gold chain version , £4 from New Look adds the necessary bling to the hippie staple.

Nothing says bo-ho like a psychedelic mini. I love this print silk dress by Lulu & Red, £122.34 from

Jewellery is the key for adding luxe to your bo-ho, and this Layla Faceted Bead Rope Necklace , £16 from Monsoon, is just your man for the job.

Words: Laura Silver

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