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Here is the interview with Adam Murry, I would Just like to thank Adam for taking time out of his very busy schedule to answer our questions, it is very much appreciated.

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Q1:The Murry Foundation has become a huge source of support to many orphaned children and animals alike. What prompted you to start the foundation, and how has it changed and grown since the start?
AM:The motivation for founding the charity was not complex. I have worked in animal welfare for many years and have witnessed suffering on a truly horrific scale. My projects have become intimately entwined with education in a bid to change attitudes and preconceptions. I have operated in countries such as Nepal and South Africa, where young children suffer the same cruelties and indignities as the animals. I believe in life and in saving those lives that are most vulnerable at the hands of mankind.

Our growth has been exponential to say the least. We face the same problems on a day to day basis but on a grander scale: If one child needs saving so do a thousand others. I do not believe I have a divine right to pick and choose who receives our help so we do all that we can to provide help to everyone who needs it. The growth has attracted greater investment and support, but, I can’t stop until we have saved everyone that needs our help. That may not be an attainable target, but, I will certainly die trying to reach it!

Q2:You recently travelled to South Africa and visited the Holy Family Centre a religious centre run by holy sisters who care for children suffering from HIV and Aids; this must have been a particularly harrowing experience?
AM:No suffering is easy to watch, but it was very difficult to witness and learn about these children. Many have been born with HIV and will live their short lives without many of the liberties children across the world take for granted. Those who did not inherit the virus have been raped at an age that is barely comprehensible. The Holy Mission is a very necessary project and I found their work inspiring. I find there can be no preparation for some of the atrocities you witness in charity work.

Q3:How do you find balancing your business work and your charity work, and what do you enjoy doing in your spare time whilst you aren’t doing either of the two?

AM:There is no balance. The charity is my life and the business is merely a way of funding it. Sadly in the path that I have chosen, spare time is a sparse commodity. In my spare time I like to eat and sometimes sleep, those human necessities are my time off. When I am not doing either, I am working for the charity.

Q4:You often hold celebrity related charity events to raise money for those who really need it; are there any events coming up, or being planned that you could tell us about?
AM:We do have some events planned, although we have recently hosted a successful charity dinner and auction and a fashion show. I don’t want to give too much away because our preparation has just began, but, we are looking to host a dinner that will take place at a well known Park Lane Hotel in London, involving many stars from the Formula One team, and A-list celeb’s will be attending this event too. We often receive support through celebrities such as Steve and Donna Collins, Jamie and Louise Redknapp, and Gail Porter to name but a few. The Murry Foundation is grateful for their kind help and recommendation to the foundation, and we applaud them!

Q5:What has been your most rewarding moment since setting up the Murry foundation?
AM:People always say to me ‘It must be very rewarding what you do’. The truth is that for every triumph there is another tragedy. There is no reward in pain and suffering; charitable work is not a comfortable or rewarding experience; heartbreaking and testing would be a more apt description. However, every life saved is very important to me. I believe it is the greatest gift you can give.

Q6:What plans do you have for the future of the foundation and do you have any goals you have yet to achieve through your work there?
AM:Our goal is to save as many lives as we can. We hope to make the world a better place but I fear it will be beyond my lifetime that any significant progress will be noticeable. I can’t pin down a specific goal other than that. For every project completed, several new ones begin.

Q7:Lastly, how can readers of Girlie Gossip get involved with The Murry Foundation?
AM: We urge Girlie Gossip readers to visit to view the amazing achievements and positive statements within the media. You can also pick up a copy of our ASAP magazine which is available with Lifescape Magazine available nationwide ( or on-line via our subscription page. Donations are always welcome and those generous people who do help, can be assured that as a non-profit, non-salary taking organization, 100% of all funds raised reach the intended cause. And if you like what we do, then why not tell as many people as you can to look up our website or get hold of a copy of ASAP magazine to help raise awareness for such a good cause.

For further information on The Murry Foundation log onto

View The Pictures Below To See Adam With Just A Few Of The Many Celebrity Murry Foundation Supporters.

Many Thanks to Adam for this great interview.

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