Fruit & Nut officially celebrates its 80th birthday this year. To mark this momentous occasion Cadbury Dairy Milk is proud to unveil two ‘fancy’ fruit and nut combinations designed to tickle a new generation of taste buds. The original Fruit & Nut bar, launched in 1928, is the most successful flavour combination from Cadbury Dairy Milk and the new Cranberry and Granola and Apricot Crumble Crunch have been specially created to appeal to a growing number of consumers seeking more exciting mixtures of flavours and textures.

Before the invention of the new flavour combinations could begin, the experts at Cadbury Dairy Milk looked closely at changing tastes and eating habits across the UK. Understanding new food, flavour and cooking trends was a crucial part of the innovations in addition to drawing upon the knowledge and expertise which comes with 103 years of chocolate making experience.

Dave Shepherd, Choxologist for Cadbury Dairy Milk said “Our findings show that people’s taste buds are on the lookout for a new chocolate combination and are keen to try new, interesting ingredients that go perfectly with the creamy taste of chocolate.”

The new combination recipes which marry together the yummy chocolaty taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk with generous helpings of juicy fruit and crunchy cereals have been a year and a half in the making. A total of 74 experts were involved in the developmental process and nearly 200 ingredient combinations were tried and tested.

The choxology team also worked closely with a panel of expert tasters, employed by Cadbury Dairy Milk for their extreme sensitivity to taste. The ‘super-tasters’ who have a special ability to identify flavours which complement each other perfectly, can spot even the slightest change to a recipe that an average taster wouldn’t be able to detect.

Anita Tucker, head super-taster said “On a daily basis our taste-buds are being exposed to a huge array of new food and flavour combinations, but striking that optimum taste balance is an extremely intricate process. The tasting panel taste tested the new chocolate bars every eight weeks for a year to ensure the perfect balance of chew vs. crunch and creamy chocolate was achieved”.

Once the Cadbury Dairy Milk team came across the new combinations it was clear they had the ideal taste sensation. They then tweaked them over and over again before Cadbury Dairy Milk were happy the recipe was perfect. Dave Shepherd said “Fruit & Nut still remains a firm favourite with Cadbury Dairy Milk fans because the ingredients belong together and ‘sing’ perfectly with our creamy chocolate. 80 years on, we hope Cranberry and Granola and Apricot Crumble Crunch deliver the same taste sensation to a new generation”.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Cranberry and Granola and Apricot Crumble Crunch (RRP 49p for 49g and £1.70 for 200g) will be on shelves from 8th September.

What Girlie Gossip Thought…

Now, we may be slightly biased here at Girlie Gossip when it comes to chocolate (Mmmmm) but we can't help but love the new flavours from cadbury's! The Cranberry and Granola and Apricot Crumble Crunch were both equally as delicous, with the tastes really coming through and working well to compliment eachother.

Cadbury definately haven't been stingy on the fruit in these bars either, they contain really large juicy chunks of fruit in each bar, especially the apricot crumble crunch which was to die for!!

If you are thinking of ditching the diet for the day and want a real treat then we'd definately suggest these as this weeks ‘must have' snack of the month!

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