Christmas Cocktail Idea’s With Mulberry Fair

Release your inner mixologist and make a stir with the season’s most fashionable cocktails.  Using a base of the newest superfruit sensation – the mulberry – you can dazzle friends with your on-trend style and superfruit savvy. Packed full of vitamins, fibre and health enhancing antioxidants, particularly resveratrol which can help to prevent heart disease, cancer and lower cholesterol, these delicious berries are also the perfect mixer….

No mulberry picking is required as new fresh juice brand Mulberry Fair has launched in the UK in two fabulous varieties.  Get the party going with Mulberry Fizz, an exotic combination of mulberry juice, red shiraz grapes, crushed limonera pear and your favourite champagne.  Or tickle your tastebuds with Mulberry Misteltoe, a seductive blend of mulberry juice, sanguinello oranges, dark rum, cinnamon and triple sec over ice.

Mulberry Fair is available in two varieties – Mulberry, Red Shiraz Grape and Crushed Limonera Pear and Mulberry and Ruby Sanguinello Orange – from Waitrose and Selfridges at an rrp of £3.29 1ltr pack.  For more information about the superfruit benefits of mulberries visit

Mulberry Fizz:

Recipe:             50% Mulberry Fair – Mulberry, Red Shiraz Grape and Crushed Limonera Pear

50% Champagne

Glass:               Champagne Flute

Method:            Half fill serving glasses with Mulberry Fair

Top up with Champagne.


Mulberry Mistletoe

Recipe:             225 ml Mulberry Fair – Mulberry and Sangiunello Orange

25ml Dark rum


Dash Triple Sec

Glass:               Rock/Tumbler

Method:            Shake all ingredients together with ice alternatively, mix all ingredients and warm over a gentle heat.

Strain into a glass.

Finish with a twist of orange peel wrapped around a cinnamon stick.

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