Crealy “Megga Easter Hunt” 2019 Review

We enjoyed a family visit to Crealy Family theme park this week where the annual mega Easter Hunt was taking place.

Considering that we were in the middle of the Easter holidays, the park wasn’t too busy at all. 

There was 11 of us in total and we all made our way into the park to collect our Easter egg hunt maps. There was a list of clues on the back and you had to make your way round the park find the eggs, when you found an egg you would punch your piece of paper with a hole punch that had a pattern to match the pattern on the paper, when all the eggs are found you took a visit to the Easter Bunny to collect your egg.

Crealy Easter Egg Hunt 2019

Now i’m not going to lie, In the end we got so bored wondering around trying to find the eggs, We just cheated and used some of the stamps to punch other eggs. Crealy is massive, The kids didn’t enjoy the fact they were so spread out – it was a lot of work for a 75p cadburys egg at the end.

The leaflet also advertised “Meet Peter Rabbit”. We did see a rabbit but it most definitely was not Sir Peter Rabbit! The rabbit was around to assist with handing out of Easter eggs and a cheeky photo with the kids, they were a bit disheartened it wasn’t Pete mind you!

All-in-all we have had better trips to Crealy, I still highly rate the park but it was a bit of a “We can’t be bothered” sort of event, hopefully they do a better job next year.

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