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Read on to find out how you can win CSI Season 7: Episodes 7.13-7.24


The DNA of great DVD entertainment

Since its debut, CSI has become a television phenomenon, enjoying immense critical and popular success as the world’s most successful TV franchise. Season 7 of the series about a Las Vegas forensics team is the number one drama on US television for the fifth consecutive year, and was also consistently rated the number one drama among all syndicated programmes during its two-year run on syndicated television. The show has also spurred renewed interest in the field of forensic science, both on an academic and professional level.

Sold in over 200 markets, CSI is also the top-rated U.S. drama in multiple international territories. The show has garnered 24 Emmy nominations, six Golden Globe Award nominations and won the People’s Choice Award for Favourite Drama Series four years in a row.

Set for DVD release on 25 February 2008 courtesy of Momentum Pictures, CSI Season 7 Episodes 7.13-7.24 begins with Grissom taking a hiatus from the team. While he asks secret love interest Sara Sidle to join him, Sara honours her professional responsibilities and remains in Las Vegas.

Season 7, Part 2 also features Lindsey being kidnapped, and the team struggles to get her back. Catherine is experiencing family drama when her father is kidnapped, and she also comes up against mob-legend Mickey Dunn, who she’d met briefly years back. Catherine and her team follow Dunn on his killing spree although his costume changes give the investigators a run for their money.

Greg Sanders finds himself the victim of a street gang beating. Without backup, Greg fights a gaggle of teenagers to save an innocent man’s life. In the process, Greg ends up accidentally killing one of the kids. Facing legal repercussions, Greg struggles to put the fateful night behind him.

The team also deals with the new CSI on board during Grissom’s hiatus: the secretive Michael Keppler (Liev Schreiber). When he and Catherine stage a crime scene to nab their killer and fail to alert the rest of the team to their actions, Nick, Warrick and Sara voice their resentment.

CSI trivia:

Under the glass top of Grissom’s desk is a photo of the series’ executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

All the equipment in the lab is fully functional, and was either purchased outright, or donated/loaned to the show for product placement.

The original name of William Petersen’s character was Gil Scheinbaum. He changed it to Gil Grissom because of his admiration for astronaut Gus Grissom.

The extreme popularity of this TV series was credited for a large surge of applications for courses in forensic science.

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About the CSI Franchise:

The CSI Franchise is produced by Alliance Atlantis and CBS Paramount Television, in association with Jerry Bruckheimer Television. Alliance Atlantis holds all worldwide distribution rights to the CSI Franchise, excluding the U.S., where CBS handles distribution.


To win a copy of CSI on DVD for yourself all you have to do is answer the following simple question and email it to us using the contact form below. Competition closes March 14th 2008 – Good Luck!

Q) Who from the list below is NOT a character from CSI?

a) Bobbins
b) Grissom
c) Sara

**** CLOSED *****

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