Cute Pearl of Wisdom Box

We recently stumbled across this amazingly cute Pearl of Wisdom Box from TalesFromTheEarth.Com and thought it was such a good gift idea we just had to share!

Priced at £50.00 here’s the product info!

A pearl carries with it the scent of something rare and etherial. Its form, colour and lustre all combine to make it unique. This sterling silver box holds a baroque pearl of the highest quality – a rarity in itself. It represents all those things – your intuition, experience, creativity – that set you apart from your fellow inhabitants on this planet. Look at it often and remember that little pearl of wisdom.

Here’s a bit more information about the website and the inspiration behind the magical gifts inside:

Seventeen years ago, two young designers, Jo Culf and John DeCosta, met in Edinburgh. We were both travelling around the world at the time and, as a result of that serendipitous encounter, Tales From The Earth was born – as much by chance as through planning.
Travel still has an enormous influence on what we do. If we could no longer travel, there would not be a Tales From The Earth. Inspiration, old stories, new ideas – these are the products of our trips to far-flung places around the world each year. They manifest themselves in our twice-yearly collections, centred on the natural world, the wellbeing of the individual and, often, simply beautiful objects.

Tales from The Earth have a wide variety of quality products that are interesting, unique and beautifully made.

Take a look for yourself here:

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