i-Buddy – The latest Gadget For MSN Users!

Here at Girlie Gossip we love finding new and exciting products for our readers, so when we were asked to test out the new i-Buddy a cute and fun MSN toy, how could we possibly resist?

Lets start by explaining to you a little about what exactly the i-Buddy is and what it does…

i-buddy is specially designed for Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger) users. It is a physical representation of your buddy. You can program it to recognize a particular ‘buddy' account, and it will respond to all messages and status events sent from your buddy. It is 3-inches tall and connects to your computer using a USB cable. It has been designed so that it does not up too much space on your desk. Your i-buddy can be fixed to the top of your monitor with the clamp that's included in the box.

The i-buddy has a red glowing heart to tell you when a message has arrived. It’s Body twists on the base depending on the emoticon it has detected in your message and the wings flap if it's happy, if it's sad its wings flap spins on the base. Its colours are controlled by the various moods.

What Girlie Gossip Thought

Being frequent MSN users this gadget provided us with hours of entertainment! The i-Buddy itself is really cute and it is small enough to sit on your desk or on top of your monitor without being obtrusive. Watching it light up, or flap it’s little wings frantically was really amusing and the little heartbeat that softly fades in and out on its chest when you have your away status up was actually strangely relaxing! Whilst this doesn’t have a practical use as such, if you are a MSN user looking for a cute gadget to brighten up your desktop then you won’t find better than the i-Buddy.

Where You Can Buy The i-Buddy

If you fancy grabbing one of these super cute gadgets for yourself here's just a few places where you can buy!

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