I’d Do Anything – Andrew Lloyd Webber Is Changing Theatre as We Know It.


So, Andrew Lloyd Webber is back once again with another fantastic BBC show searching for the lead in a hit west end musical. Following the huge success of ‘Any Dream Will do’ and ‘How do you solve a problem like Maria’ the new show ‘I’d Do Anything’ is searching for the next stars of The Cameron Mackintosh musical Oliver. With both the role of Nancy and Oliver to fill this time the competition is hotting up as we hit week four of the program.

I applaud Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber for the work that he has done with these shows. Let’s face it, he has worked wonders for the theatre business and thanks to him thousands more young people and adults alike are not only visiting the theatre for the first time but training to be performers which is fantastic! Now all we need is more performing arts schools that aren’t ridiculously expensive to get into to make them more accessible to ALL children from all backgrounds. As a parent to a 5 year old who loves singing and dancing I would love to be able to afford to get her into a fun and informative stage/performing arts school that didn’t cost the earth and I’m sure there are many other parents out there in my position who feel the same way.

As a fan of musical theatre I have thoroughly enjoyed the BBC series that Andrew Lloyd Webber has been involved with so far and will definitely continue watching. I wonder what the chances are of us seeing Jesus Christ Superstar or The Phantom of the Opera (My favourite musical in the whole world) make it to this format? Now that would make for amazing viewing wouldn’t it?!

With Andrew currently in the process of writing the sequel to the Phantom of the Opera he is definitely a very busy man right now and how he finds the time or energy to focus on all these various projects is beyond me but I’m extremely glad he does as I truly believe that musical theatre or any theatre shows for that matter are worth promoting.

With regards to ‘Id Do Anything’ My personal favourite Nancy’s are Jodie, Jessie and Niamh as they all seem to possess that certain star quality and have an air of Nancy’s strength and determination about them. I haven’t seen a bad performance from any of them yet to be quite honest! I was watching Andrew Lloyd Webbers video blog on his official website the other day and he has even suggested that some of the girls form a girl band if they don’t make it through to play Nancy, what a fantastic idea they could definitely give some of the ‘stars’ of today a run for their money!

So, now I’ve said my bit, who do you guys think should play Nancy? Is there one that stands out for you at this stage? I’d also be interested in hearing how many of you are theatre lovers and what musicals you have been to see. Register (Quick, easy and free!) and get hitting that reply button to share your views!!

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  1. I think it was a shame Keisha left, you could see ALW wasnt at all happy about it and actually walked off the show in the end!

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