Johnson’s Dreamy Skin


Leading UK cosmetics brand Johnson’s have recently released a new product range.  The range is entitled “Dreamy Skin”, designed as part of your night time routine, and is said to help you get a good night’s sleep.

The range consists of four individual products:

– Johnson’s dreamy skin body lotion
– Johnson’s dreammy skin extracare bath
– Johnson’s creamy bath
– Johnson’s body wash

Girlie Gossip have used and tested both the creamy bath and body lotion for the purpose of this article and must say we are very impressed with the results.

The products claim to help the body unwind and renew with each item explaining on the packaging that Johnson’s has developed new dreamy skin nightly routine, which helps to calm your senses for a better sleep.

All of the items are enriched with a moonflower aroma, a fragrance known for it’s relaxing properties, and contain nourishing vitamins to aid skin renewal during sleep.

So what did we think……….?

The creamy bath was the first of the two products to be tested and combined with a steaming warm bath created a beautiful aromatic scent and soft indulging bubbles.  The water becomes soft to your skin as the creamy bath mixes in and creates a soft, calming and soothing feeling.

After this incredibly relaxing bath, it was time to try out the body lotion.  Again, with the same relaxing and gentle scent, the lotion was soft to the skin and easy to rub in.  It wasn’t sticky at all, and left the skin feeling silky and smooth.

Whether these products help to create a better nights sleep than normal is difficult to say, but they are certainly relaxing and soothing to your body and help you wind down after a stressful or busy day.

Girlie Gossip gives the dreamy skin range 4 out of 5 stars and encourages anyone who needs something to help them chill out at the end of the day to try them out!

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