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Look at these amazing Pokébowls.

Deliveroo commissions leading food artist, Prudence Staite to create Pokemon bowls.

Poke bowls remain one of the UK’s hottest food trends and ahead of the hotly anticipated Pokémon Detective Pikachu Movie, starring Ryan Reynolds, a food artist has given the Hawaiian dish an anime makeover.

Deliveroo commissioned food artist Prudence Staite to create a series of portraits of top Pokémon using ingredients found in dishes available at poke restaurant, Lolo Poke.

Prudence’s handcrafted masterpieces re-imagined Pikachu, Charizard, Jigglypuff, Zapdos, Eevee, Charizard and the Poke Ball using ingredients including Salmon, cheese, peppers, sweetcorn, ginger and sushi rice.

Aspiring Ash Ketchum’s can catch their unique Pokémon poke bowl from Lolo Poke exclusively on Deliveroo from 10th May onwards.

Prudence has previously created stunning food art including a Cheryl Cole mural created completely from cheese and Ryan Gosling from sweet & salt popcorn. The Pokemon muse has given Prudence the opportunity to get creative with bold poketones and vibrant Hawaiian flavours.

Joe Groves, Head of PR at Deliveroo says: “At Deliveroo, we constantly strive to offer customers food freedom and less mundane foods, by working with top restaurants and talent to create unique food choices and the Lolo Poke X Prudence Staite poke-mon bowls personify just this. Each bowl has been given hours of attention to creating the most lifelike Pokemon characters. 

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