Starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson


As the snow falls on their wedding night, newlyweds John and Jenny Grogan (OWEN WILSON and JENNIFER ANISTON) decide to leave behind the harsh winters of Michigan and head south to begin their new lives in West Palm Beach, Florida.  They obtain jobs as journalists at competing local newspapers, buy their first home, and begin to make their way through the challenges of a new marriage, new careers and, possibly, the life-changing decision to start a family.

Unsure of his preparedness for raising children, John confesses his fears to his friend and fellow journalist Sebastian, who comes up with the perfect solution: John should get Jenny a puppy.  “There’s nothing to it,” says Sebastian.  “You walk ‘em.  You feed ‘em, you let ‘em out now and then.”

Then came Marley.

The Grogans adopt the cute, twelve pound yellow Labrador, who in no time at all, grows into a 100-pound steamroller of unbridled energy that turns the Grogan home into a disaster area.  He flunks obedience school, chews off dry-wall, takes a bite out of the sofa, overturns garbage cans, steals a Thanksgiving turkey, consumes pillows and flowers, drinks toilet water, and chases the UPS guy.  Even a newly-purchased, expensive necklace isn’t safe from Marley’s voracious antics.

Amidst the mayhem he generates through the years, Marley sees the Grogans through the ups and downs of family life, through job and home changes, and most of all, through the myriad challenges of a growing family.  As John and Jenny come to realize, Marley – “the world’s worst dog” – somehow brings out the best in them.

Director: David Frankel

Cast: Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson

Release date: March 11

Cert: PG

Running Time: 116

Official Website:

Copyright Twentieth Century Fox.

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Comp closes March 20th 2009.

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  1. this is my girlfriend’s account which I’m using because I heard about this competition from one of her friends. she would absolutely love to watch this film because her greatest love, i believe is animals and this film would make her so happy – not to mention one of her favourite actresses being involved. i would be so grateful if you could allow her to win this competition because she truly deserves it after all she’s been up to at the minute – and to be honest, she really needs to go out and have fun for once. Thankyou so much.

  2. I bought my dad this book ages ago and never got to read it, I’m looking forward to seeing the film – apparently the book is enough to put you off wanting a dog!

  3. Can’t wait to see the movie, it looks really funny, would love to win your competition as my daughter is dog mad.

  4. I’m a cat lover myself – 2 have recently died unfortunately – but I’m not averse to dogs, and this film looks wonderful. I can’t wait to see it!

  5. There aren’t many films that come along that make me say “i’m buying that as soon as it’s out DVD” but this is certainly one of them (also twilight…..only 2 weeks to go yay!!)

  6. Nice prize, but is it just me or does the film look absolutely AWFUL!!!

    Guess it just be me with all of those comments above :-/

  7. if i wag my tail and roll over on my belly and look at you with my cute big eyes and shake my long floppy ears will you let me win ?

  8. “You walk ‘em. You feed ‘em, you let ‘em out now and then.” Yep, that’s my approach to child-rearing too! LOL

  9. went too see this and loved it till end it was so sad me and my sister were holding back the tears its one of those where you just want too burst out crying without holding it back knowing it was based on a true story made it worse lol

    But anyone that wants a few laughs and does not mind crying at end i would recommend this film it is really good

  10. Marley looks so much fun, we have just bought a new puppy and she is already a fabulous member of our family. She gives the family a real feel good factor, just like Marley in this movie.

  11. Just been to see He’s just not that into you and going to see this next – Jennifer Aniston is great.

    Great comp aswell.

  12. I am looking forward to seeing this film and will buy the book so i can compare them together i would love to win this prize

  13. We saw this film last weekend and I really enjoyed it! I laughed all the way through and even cried a little aswell! xx

  14. ok I`m realllllllly hoping that i win this one, my husband and i have had a bet he says ive got no chance and i said theres always a chance sooooo please let me win and the next time its my brithday and i blow my candles out on my cake i will make the wish fro you.xxxxxxxx

  15. Ive seen the previews on tv and it looks a very good movie, and besides it has JA in it- i’m madly passionately in love with the woman

  16. Great prize, this looks like a laugh a minute film. My husband has a babysitter arranged for this week to take me to see this, I love these moments when it’s just the two of us with a great film.

  17. My daughter has been pestering me to take her to see this. That’s exactly what we’re doing in.. 20 minutes time 🙂

  18. Love the book, even though I cried my eyes out, and my dog ended up looking at me as if I was mad! Really looking forward to seeing this in the cinema!

  19. We’ll be going to see this as soon as it’s released! my son can’t wait – thanks for the competition xx

  20. Looks like a great film. We also have a mad doggie at the centre of our family. His naughtiness makes him cute.

  21. I can’t wait to see the movie. I used to have six lab puppies and they all had their own personalities. Looks like a really feel good film.

  22. It’s been soooooooooooo, so, so, so SO long since I went to the cinema (nearly 2 years!! Can’t believe it!) but we have finally got a babysitter and we’re taking the eldest to the pictures as a treat in a couple of weeks – I have a strong suspicion this will be the film we see 😉

  23. Book was a brilliant read, will wait for DVD so I can watch at home as I’m sure to be in floods of tears!

  24. I can’t wait to see this film, it looks great!! Labradors are sooo cute and the film makes them look even better! Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson are great for the role too! I have been begging for a lab for ages…and i want one more now!!

  25. I cant wait to see this film, the little dog looks so cute! I love girlie gossip, they always do the best competitions! Thanks! x

  26. I just know I’m going to spend the whole film sighing over how cute they both are………………………………..Owen Wilson and a Labrador (especially when it’s still a puppy) in a film, it’s gotta be a hit!

  27. I used to have a dog called Marley. It looked a bit like the dog in this film. I also used to have a girlfriend. She looked nothing like Jennifer Aniston though. Sigh!

  28. I’d Love to win this!!!!
    Marley and Me sounds like a feel good film, and with my passion for dogs i can’t go wrong with this movie!!!! xxxxxxxxx

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