ONE MISSED CALL Competition Name Your Favourite Scary Movies!

What will it sound like when you die?

– Out on Blu-ray and DVD on 29th September –

Don’t miss this year’s most disturbing, heart-pounding and edge-of-your-seat horror thriller, One Missed Call, released on Blu-ray and DVD on 29th September 2008 from Warner Home Video.

Starring Ed Burns (Saving Private Ryan, 27 Dresses) and Shannyn Sossamon (A Knight’s Tale, 40 Days and 40 Nights), One Missed Call follows a group of college students who one by one start dying in unusual and terrifying circumstances. Each is linked together by ‘one missed call’ and the telltale voicemail that follows – death it seems is waiting at the end of the phone. Once that call arrives, the countdown is on!

It’s up to student, Beth (Shannyn Sossamon) and FBI agent, Jack (Ed Burns), who have each lost close friends and family, to uncover the mystery and save those in danger. Although, with the clock ticking and the death toll rising, it is only a matter of time before one of them hears the ringtone and the chilling voicemail…

Will the pair manage to seek out the terrifying evil stalking their every move before it is too late? Or will they meet their deaths never knowing the mystery that lurks behind the dreaded ‘one missed call’?

Don’t miss your call and tune in to One Missed Call, out on Blu-ray and DVD and available to rent from 29th September. Advanced rental is available exclusively from 8th September at Blockbuster.

One Missed Call will also feature a spectacular 3D lenticular sleeve.

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We are giving away copies of the DVD to lucky Girlie Gossip members, to be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is leave a comment below and tell us what your favourite scary movie is and why! FIVE People will then be chosen at random and contacted by email.

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  1. Recently watched The Mist, and though the title sounds tame I can assure you that the film isn’t!! Very scary, has moments that make you jump out your seat and the special effects are awesome. You don’t know what’s going to happen next. The ending is very sad though and made me cry 🙁

  2. There were a few that got to me but I think it has to be Poltergeist that grabbed the hardest – and wouldn’t let go for a while! Try to stay away from the brightest of lights now….

  3. Stuff that really scares me is more gorey, gross films rather than jumpy ones. I like House of Wax, Hostel, SAW and House on Haunted Hill – always have a handy cushion to hide behind too!

  4. The Nightmare on Elm Street films scared me stupid. The whole idea of being asleep and helpless really hit home. Tried to stay awake for weeks after seeing those ones.

  5. It has to be dolls i was 9 when i seen it and was supposed to be going to church but decided not to go and went to my friends house instead and watched that it scared the living daylights out of me i wished id gone to church instead i’ve never watched it since and cant stand those type of dolls

  6. The Shining has got to be THE best ever as it is not gratuitously gory or bloody (except for the corridor of blood) and has some extremely tense …………………………………………… up!!!

  7. My All-time favourite scary film, has to be, without a doubt
    CAPE FEAR…………….”come out, come out wherever you arrrrrrrrrrrre”……that line alone sends a chill down my spine!

  8. The scariest film I have ever seen is The Others, although other people don’t find it too scary. It creeps me out for some reason.

  9. Nightmare on Elm Street! Freddie Krueger is the ultimate scary movie character. Still won’t go to sleep with the wardrobe door open…he might be lurking there!

  10. I love all horror films and really want to see this one. The best scary one has to be arcanophobia though as its the film to give me nightmares and still can’t watch it to this day

  11. I love the original Japanese films- The Ring and The Grudge both had me completely freaked out for days. Brilliant films. When I was younger the film adaptation of IT had me sleepless for a week, but now I must have outgrown that… Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining has the most frightening atmosphere of any horror film.

  12. There are so many good horror films out there it’s difficult to choose just one! I love all the scary, behind-the-pillow, Japanese, long-black-hair-hanging-over-the-face stuff aka The Ring, Phone etc. However, for me the scariest movie is The Eye – the original Chinese version. OMG when the old dead man in the lift is floating towards the front and you can just see his bony, dirty, white feet – it is petrifying!!!!

    Whenever I fancy a scary Saturday night, I pull the duvet downstairs (synthetic fibre protects you from ghosts!) and have a glass of cab sauv – wine wards off evil spirits, and ‘settle’ in for a good scare.

    Vix xx

  13. My favourite scary film has got to be “IT”. I remember as a little girl being forbidden to see it and so had all my friends at school. As it was being shown on TV one of my friends managed to sneakily record it on the VCR. Next thing we knew we had all been invited to a sleepover where we were supposed to be watching some Disney film but instead of course it was IT. Needless to say we all managed to scare ourselves to death and I had nightmares about evil clowns for almost a year! That may be why clowns still spook me and I find them generally creepy – even though I’m a fully grown woman now! Talk about childhood traumas!!!

  14. My all time favourite scary film is Lost Boys, it’s just so atmospheric and visual, the soundtrack is amazing and enhances the whole experience and then there’s Keifer! Mmmmm Keifer 😉

  15. I hate Zombie films so Dawn of the Dead has to be my scariest film ever – the stone angels episode of Doctor Who is a close second though ;o)
    M x

  16. The scaries movie I ever saw was Blair witch – it’s true, usually the are scared of what we don’t see/don’t know. Phew!

  17. The most scariest film i ever saw was The Exorcist it scared me so much that i had nightmares for five years!
    wow amazing giveaway

  18. My favourite scary film is Hitchcock’s Pyscho. The shower scene is the most iconic scene in any horror/thriller film and that’s not even the part which makes this film so frightening.

  19. Friday 13th part 1, it was the first proper horror I ever saw and I was terrified…oh my god, that was one scarey lady!! Was hooked after that though and still love a GOOD horror to this day 🙂

  20. Mine would be Halloween, it scared the living daylights outta me when i first saw it. Checked round doors & wardrobes frequently afterwards!!

  21. The Fog – i still remember a camping trip when i was 14 with friends and we freaked each other out and some girls were crying. Then someone said “dont the fog people only come out til 1am?” which bizzarely calmed us and all went back to normal!

  22. The Exorcist – didn’t sleep for weeks!

    Also one where a head was kept alive in a bowl. After it finished I walked into hall & light was on behind goldfish bowl – I nearly wet myself!

  23. I think mine has to be R-Point, a fantastic Korean film. In my opinion, Korean/Asian films are so much scarier than their Hollywood remakes – a lot more psychologically scary rather than going for cheap, easy scares! 🙂

  24. The McPherson Tapes. I was too scared to go out of the living room after I finished watching it. I just shut the door and stayed put all night!

  25. When I saw Salem’s Lot, I had to stick earrings in the shape of crosses in the back of the curtains for ages! (to keep the vampires out!)

  26. It has to be Silence of the Lambs. I went to a midnight screening of this movie and when I came out it was dark and the movie theatre was near the dockside, the mist was rolling in off the sea. Was proper scared.

  27. I’ve had The Ring on video for years and I’m too scared to put it in the video player =0/ … my favourite scary movie is the original Saw movie xx

  28. The very first and original HALLOWEEN with the young Jamie Lee Curtis in. I think it was the music and the build up of tension throughout the film until finally the ‘bogey-man’ enters her house ……. EVIL HAS COME BACK ……… arrrrhhhhh! It doesn’t matter how many times I see that film I still regret watching it when it’s time for bed!!

  29. Arachnaphobia is the scariest movie ever.. by a long way. I love horror films and everytime I watch a new one I wait for it to scare me (for some reason I love to be scared !!). None of them really do it for me though, except Arachnaphobia. I seriously cannot watch that film ever again, just typing this gives me the eebie jeebies !!!!!

  30. My favourite horror is In The Mouth of Madness – because its not just unneccessary gore, its got a gripping story and is truly creepy.

  31. There is no genre as enjoyable as a good old fashioned horror!
    My fave is Wrong Turn. I love the teens stranded in a forest theme being picked off one by one!

  32. I love horror and crave more and more fright times, the one that does it for me is
    The Ring, the original Japanese one.
    Masami crawling slowly towards you shouldnt be scary, but its the mad staring eyes and knowing the victim is going to die. Uuuurrgghhh just got a shiver down my spine.

  33. My favourite scary movie of all time is Alien. Ok, it’s more sci-fi than scary, but Ripley kicks ass … and that part when the alien breaks out of John Hurt’s stomach – what a shocker – yuk!

  34. My scariest film is definitely John Carpenter’s “The Thing”. It’s over 25 years old, but still gives me the creeps!

  35. I fancy watching this, only thing is – last time I watched a scary film (The Cottage) I spilled my brew jumping at a tense moment and then I had nightmares about a farmer chasing and catching me and I elbowed my other half in my sleep.

  36. jeepers creepers. thats was clever
    white noise, although i actually didnt watch i hate white noise, very creepy/scary

  37. House of a Thousand Corpses is the worse film i have ever seen..
    I had to watch Shrek after to calm me down i felt that awful xx

  38. P2, which was released recently, is scary as hell and has a great premise involving an underground car park. Little too much gore for me, though. And this is from someone whose favourite show is The X-Files. 🙂

  39. My all time favourite scary movie has to be The Silence of the Lambs – I remember sneaking into the cinema aged 16 to see it.

  40. The most scary film i have ever seen is IT by Stephen King, That clown still gives me nightmares, and if i cross a road i cant look at drains, what if he is still down there? xxxxxxxxxxx

  41. My Favourite has to be The Lost Boys. I watched it over and over and over and drove my whole family nuts with it when I was younger and I knew every line in it but still I kept on watching it. I still love it now and watch it when I get time, it’s a great film that delivers on every level to me!

  42. The most scary film ever has to be The Exorcist, even though it was made in 1973 it still delivers the shocks. I still can’t eat pea soup to this day.
    When it was first shown in the cinemas, many of the audiences fainted and needed medical treatment!!

  43. An old film “The Cat and the Canary” scarred me to death I had to walk home through the local forest to get home – spent my bus fare on chips!

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