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Penelope – Starring Christina Ricci Reese Witherspoon and James McAvoy

The tale of Penelope did not start well, her beauty transformed by an evil spell. To the world outside the news was big, a poor little girl, with the nose of a pig! How to break the curse? Well, nobody knows… unless a handsome prince can be made to propose.

In this wonderful modern-day fairy-tale Christina Ricci stars as Penelope, a beautiful young girl with an extraordinary curse. Hidden away from the world in her family’s majestic home, Penelope dreams of breaking free of the enchantment – but true love is hard to find when young men run away screaming.

That is, until she meets Max (James McAvoy), a down-on-his- luck musician and Annie (Reece Witherspoon), a free-spirited rock-chick, who encourage her to come out of hiding and find her true self. Penelope soon discovers that sometimes what you're looking for can be right under your nose…

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