Red Bull Cola

20 years after first creating the energy drink category, Red Bull now gives us cola.

Strong & Natural, Red Bull Cola is a unique blend of 23 ingredients, all derived from 100% natural sources, to create a refreshing, great tasting cola, born simply from plant extracts. No additives, no preservatives, no secret formula and no ingredients that can’t be mentioned. Just a cola as it is meant to be.
A natural born cola was the ambitious vision of the man behind Red Bull from the day the brand was first born, but it has taken years of development in the pursuit of natural perfection for it to finally come to fruition. It was worth the wait. Red Bull Cola is now the only cola that contains the original Kola Nut and Coca Leaf ingredients, as well as a host of other plants extracts including Cinnamon, Pine, Corn Mint, Ginger, Vanilla & Galangal.

Best served chilled, Red Bull Cola is the sophisticated choice. Distinctive in taste, a refreshing thirst quencher and fantastic as a mixer, especially alongside quality rum. Red Bull Cola contains no artificial colourings, flavourings, and preservatives, Phosphoric Acid or Sodium Benzoate.
Red Bull Cola will be available in 250 ml cans in bars across the UK and 355ml cans in key retailers across the country.

What Girlie Gossip Thought

It seems a little strange opening a can of Red Bull and yet actually drinking Cola, but we have to confess it was pleasantly surprising! Great as a mixer or for drinking on its own as an alternative to regular fizzy drinks that are filled with additives. Look out for this in your local shops and bars as we think it's going to be huge!

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