Supernanny is back in town!


Channel 4's Supernanny is back on our screens again this evening as the amazing Jo Frost tackles yet another bunch of tiny terrors!

With the common family now with both parents out at work once a new baby reaches 6-9 months, is it any wonder we are turning into a society of little people with VERY big attitudes??!!

The scary thing is that these little horrors are ready & waiting in line to take over from today's ASBO teens if we don't do something about it sooner, rather than later!

This is where Supernanny Jo Frost comes in…… she is amazing when it comes to creating a happy family & home full of cheerful kids as opposed to scheming brats!

Working magic in the homes of desperate and screaming parents, Jo shows us just how it's done, and tonight is no exception when she takes on two sets of twins both under the age of five……. anyones nightmare!!

Catch the wonderful Jo Frost in full swing on Channel 4, tonight at 8pm, for an hour of screaming, crying and shouting……. sounds like fun!!

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