The best girlie accessory ever made?


Here at Girlie Gossip we think we may have struck gold! We have found what we think has to be the best girlie accessory we have ever clapped eyes on! All of us want one, and the orders for these cool little things are going to shoot through the roof!

If you ask any girl what her favourite film is, our reckoning is that 9 times out of 10 she is going to say Dirty Dancing and will then proceed to giggle crazily whilst saying “I carried a water melon” and “Nobody puts Baby in the corner”………

So what would you all say if we told you, you could have a PINK keyring which actually played these phrases at the touch of a button??!!

For the princely sum of only £8.99 you can grab yourself one of these amazing “Dirty Dancing in your pocket” keyrings!!

As yet, none of the Girlie Gossip staff are proud owners of these amazing little gadgets, but we fear that may not be the case for much longer! We're all heading over to to take a closer look and place our orders!

Dirty Dancing in your pocket

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