Tween Fashion – Another Cinderella Story – out on DVD 27th October.

Watch out Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, young Hollywood stars are hot on your heels. The teen celebrity icons are influencing fashion trends by showing off their distinctive personalities on and off the red carpet through designers and their own clothing lines. Stars such as Selena Gomez (Another Cinderella Story) and Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical) are taking the catwalks by storm…

The young celebrities are not only style icons to the masses, but are celebrity business women as well. With stars such as Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana), Amanda Bynes (Hairspray), Hillary Duff and the Olsen twins are all having a piece of this lucrative pie.

Miley Cyrus has brought out a Hannah Montana inspired clothing line so that girls everywhere will be able to dress exactly like Hannah Montana. The range is adorable consisting of the ultimate fun-loving girly outfits. Like Miley, Amanda Bynes has a clothing line named “Dear”. Inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker, Amanda wanted her personal style to come out in the clothing line, comfortable and colourful and mixing preppy with casual.

The quirky Hilary Duff has created five unique lines for teens including Night Flight (evening out), Global Hippie (70s flare), Precious Metals (rocker chic), Queen Victoria (lace and ruffles) and Broken English (preppy school inspired). Not only has she introduced a clothes line, it also consisting of accessories and make-up. The ultimate teen clothes designers have to be Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen introducing clothes, accessories, make-up and fragrances to their line, “Elizabeth & James”. Both girls are fabulous trendsetters as their personal styles are both original and creative and very much designer-driven.

Mary-Kate and Ashley’s inspiration comes from designers such as Channel and Mark Jacobs whom they have been pictured in regularly and never go out without some sort of designer item. Vanessa Hudgens has been photographed a number of times in Mary-Kate and Ashley’s clothing line as she too loves to raid the designer wardrobe and looks phenomenal when hitting the red carpet in her stunning designer dresses, any excuse to dress up and look glamorous. Rhianna has also been spotted in the Elizabeth & James line but could Rhianna be next to bring out a fabulous fashion line?

Like all teen celebrity stars, Rhianna loves her personal style to shine through as she is known as one of the most daring dressers around and always manages to look fierce. Selena Gomez is another who likes to wear what feels good and makes a statement through her fashion being a young rock chic with an edge.

Selena’s personal style is a lot like her characters in Another Cinderella story just chilling out as the ultimate skater girl with pumps, jeans and baggy t-shirts! This look is so easy to achieve and anyone can pull it off. It is a fashion style that will never go out of fashion which Selena proves throughout the film. Selena shows that it is so easy to be fashionable no matter what your style is. She proves you can chill out and still look good and wear the ultimate teen style! Go on, become a rock chic and look incredible like Selena!

Check out Selena in Another Cinderella Story which is out on the 27th October courtesy of Warner Brothers.

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