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What Happens in Vegas Review Starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz


I recently got chance to go and watch What Happens in Vegas at the cinema and thought it would be a great film to recommend to you here at Girlie Gossip. Not only does it star the gorgeous Ashton Kutcher but it also manages to provide some great laughs and hold your attention from start to finish…

Some Ashton Kutcher movies are great, and some just rely on cheap and childish humour to get them through. What happens in Vegas is one of his better movies, and starring alongside Cameron Diaz definitely works! The two have this great chemistry, almost to the point that you could genuinely believe they were a couple.

The basic storyline is that fun loving bachelor Jack (Kutcher) and serious ‘plan everything’ business woman Joy (Diaz) meet in Vegas and accidentally (after way to much to drink) end up getting married. Whilst discussing how to break things off they suddenly end up winning a $3 million dollar jackpot on one of the machines which then leads to a fight over who should keep the money.

Much to their horror the judge rules that they should try 6 months of ‘hard marriage’ before they divorce and that Joy should move in to Jacks bachelor pad so that they have a real home. Obviously things get crazy, with Jack being a complete slob and Joy liking everything just so. But with this being a romantic comedy I’m sure you can guess that they both end up beginning to fall for eachother.

With a great supporting cast including Lake Bell (Over her dead body) as Joy’s best friend the film has a strong mix of both humour and feel good romantic moments that would make it perfect for date night or just an afternoon movie to take in with friends. Both Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz are consistently brilliant throughout the whole movie, and both look absolutely amazing.

A perfect feel good movie to kick off the start of summer!

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