Directed by Jean Lemire, Thierry Piantanida
& Thierry Ragobert

Out To Own On DVD 3rd November 2008

The White Planet is an extraordinary documentary that examines the impact that global warming is having on the adorable, yet endangered denizens of the North Pole. Featuring astonishing cinematography often at breathtaking proximity, the film makes stars of the local wildlife who prove themselves to be as idiosyncratic, funny and charming as anything that the Ice Age films could come up with – seals with inflatable nostrils, giant walruses with unicorn-like horns (the narwhals) and half a million caribou who make up the world’s second largest yearly migration – but only if the weather report is promising enough.

Extras: Making of – the Film / Making of – the Music / Interviews with the director, cinematographer and other crew members / Original theatrical trailer and teaser trailer

Tech specs:
Cert: E
Feature Running Time: 86 mins approx (extras 127’)
Region 2
Feature Aspect Ratio: 16x9FHA
Colour PAL
Audio: Stereo
French with English Subtitles
Cat no: OPTD0383
RRP: £19.99


Polar bear
The polar bear is the world’s largest predator found on land and the first victim of climate change, primarily because the melting of its sea ice habitat reduces its ability to find sufficient food. Apparently polar bears are becoming thinner and reproduction is also lowering. The polar bear is an incredible hunter and easily move across snow, ice and open water. Most of its diet is made up of seals.

Beluga whale
Pollution is the main threat to this beautiful creature. Known for its white skin and melon-shaped head, the beluga whale lives in river estuaries where human-caused pollution is providing significant danger to their health. Cancer seems to be killing many of these beautiful creatures.
Beluga whale are slow-swimming mammals and mainly feed on fish.

Narwhal whale
The beautiful, incredibly unusual and rarely seen narwhal whale, distinguished by its long unicorn-like tusk, is one the most vulnerable of all arctic marine animals due to the change in climate. Also hunted by polar bears, orcas and humans, the Narwhal is, according to recent studies, a very vulnerable species.
Narwhals are fast swimmers and mainly feed on cod, squid, shrimp and halibut.

Arctic fox
Also known as the show fox, the artic fox is relentlessly hunted for its white fur and meat which makes it as one the most threatened animals. The artic fox feeds mainly on carcasses left behind by large predators such as polar bears.

The wolverine lives primarily in isolated northern areas (Artic, Alaska, Canada, Siberia and Scandinavia). Very elusive, the wolverine has had little contact with man though its fur has long caused it to be at risk from hunters. Its population is in decline primarily because of loss of habitat.

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