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THE EYE On DVD and Blu-ray Disc 8th September 2008


Look out for The Eye on DVD and Blu-ray Disc from Lionsgate Home Entertainment on 8th September. This chilling supernatural thriller explores a nightmarish world where you literally can’t believe your own eyes…

Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four, Sin City) plays Sydney, a blind musician given sight saving surgery. What should have been a positive life-changing experience instead turns into a horrifying nightmare when Sydney starts to see terrifying visions which no-one else can see.

Convinced that what she is seeing is somehow real, and that she is seeing things experienced by her donor, Sydney is forced to confront the possibility that she is being summoned from beyond the grave to solve an injustice and to understand the true circumstances behind the donor’s death.

With her friends, family and doctor all questioning her sanity, Sydney is determined to find out the truth behind her visions, and enters a creepy supernatural world in a desperate attempt to free herself of her chilling visual experiences.
This stylish remake of the original Hong Kong movie of the same name and by the same director, sees Jessica Alba in her strongest performance yet. There is an excellent supporting cast including Alessandro Nivolo (Face/Off) and Parker Posey (Superman Returns.) The DVD and Blu-ray Disc boast a great selection of special features (including appropriately enough an optional Audio Descriptive audio track), as well as insightful featurettes and deleted scenes. Additionally the DVD is presented in truly creepy limited edition ‘lenticular’ packaging which will definitely catch the eye of movie fans on the look out for a supernatural treat.

Genuinely chilling

The best Asian horror adaptation yet!

Intelligent and Gripping Supernatural thriller… fantastic!

Packed with short sharp shocks, it’s damn spooky
Billy Chainsaw, Bizarre


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